Blade Solutions areas of expertice are development and repair of blade heating system designed for arctic and sub-arctic climates. We use state of art patented repairing methods.

Safety is our number one priority. Our staff of blade- and turbine technicians are heavily educated with certificates from IRATA and GWO amongst others.

The company was started in 2013 by Greger Nilsson, a composite engineer from Piteå, Sweden.  Before Blade Solutions AB Mr. Nilsson spent 17 years working with numerous amounts of reasearch and development projects at Si-Comp reaserch facilities. It was during his time there the concept of Blade Solutions slowly took form and evolved.

Since then Mr.Nilsson has been repairing and developing systems on turbines from Nordex, Winwind, Vestas and Siemens. Both more simple blade repairs as well as complex AIS damages arised from hot spots for example. He currently holds 2 patents for blade repair methods.

Mr. Nilsson is a share owner of BRS Sweden AB and holds the role as Expert advisor and Quality controller.


Greger Nilsson / MD

Jönsbyvägen 5
945 91 Norrfjärden


Phone: +46 70 664 9921

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